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Why choose JB&A ?

We are a one-stop-shop for concept expansion within the CONUS and Hawaii. JB&A has decades of experience and developer contacts to ease the pain of site selection and lease negotiations.


JB&A has many Developer relationships across the country and a vast knowledge of targeted markets. Over the years Team Members of JB&A have done an extensive amount of deals nationwide, that allows experience to be added to the due diligence of qualifying locations for a fit with a pro-forma and customer profiles of a Tenant’s Concept.


JB&A’s reputation is built on extensive knowledge of the real estate industry with a vast amount of past experience as a Developer Representative and multiple years as a Tenant Representative; Initiating and finalizing real estate/leasing deals in lifestyle centers, Urban Developments, Malls, Resort Retail Complexes, Free Standing and Office Center Retail.

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